Being an Old Fucker, are you familiar with the “new” media?
Yes! I’ve written for all of it. In fact, digital advertising is essentially the old media – just online.
Facebook ads = Print advertising
Video content = Television advertising
Pandora ads = Radio advertising
Banner ads = Outdoor advertising
Mobile ads = Matchbook advertising
Google Keywords = I got nothing

Do you write content?
No, I write copy. Copywriting is a craft. Best I can tell, content creation involves writing words to fill someone’s brilliant code, with content. Also, I don’t ideate, and deliverable is an adjective, not a noun.

Don’t you think this approach is offensive and a bit vulgar?
Yes, but you’re here aren’t you? I’m looking for my tribe, as the planners say.

How do I view your resume and portfolio?
If you’re interested, my "real" work and resume can be viewed by clicking the Portfolio link below. Thank you.
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